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Stan Wilson-Hughes is presented with the fifth Spirit of Huw Thatcher award in memory of a young man with the left foot of a god

100_0682I presented the Spirit of Huw Thatcher award to Stan Wilson-Hughes on 17th July 2015 – just opposite Little Wembley where Huw had some of his happiest times. Congratulations to Stan who is the fifth holder of the award, and part of a grand group of lads the current 15 year olds’ team.

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Reflections as Ben Earnshaw is presented with the 3rd Huw Thatcher Pride and Passion cricket shield

100_0571As Ben Earnshaw was presented with the 3rd Huw Thatcher Pride and Passion cricket shield on Friday 11th October I was left with plenty of reflections …………….

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Ben Earshaw presented with the Spirit of Huw Thatcher Award

100_0450I had the pleasure of presenting the Spirit of Huw Thatcher Award for the 2013 under 15s Hepworth United team tonight – the award was given to Ben Earnshaw and well deserved.

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George Oakley is presented with the 2nd Huw Thatcher Pride and Passion cricket shield

The Huw Thatcher Pride and Passion Shield is presented every year to the 15 year old age group at Upperthong Cricket Club.  Huw was aged 15 and led his life, played his sport and played cricket with pride and passion. Read more »


Nelson Nunez receives the second Spirit of Huw Thatcher under 15s football award

Congratulations to Nelson Nunez who was presented with the second Spirit of Huw Thatcher award for Hepworth United under 15s on 10th June 2012.

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Wrist bands are still available – so we can always have part of Huw with us ♥

We have got hold of some more wrist bands because the first lot sold out.  So there are plenty left.  We’ll sell more bands at the events this year so they’ll all get sold.  But we just wanted to let people know there are some left.

As one of Huw’s best friends said ‘so we always have part of you with us ♥’

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Remembering Huw with lots of love on his 16th birthday

It was Huw’s 16th birthday on Friday 25th November.  Huw loved his birthdays and this year it was a very important date for lots of his family and friends.

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Talking to the Moon; I know you’re somewhere out there, somewhere far away

Two of Huw’s good friends performed ‘Talking to the Moon’ for Huw at the Picturedrome on 25th March 2011.

It’s such a meaningful song and was performed beautifully by Sam Bellas and Hayley Diamond.  Huw loved Hayley and Sam.

Their performance on 25th March was recorded and you can listen to it here on YouTube.

Thanks Hayley and Sam ♥ ♥



The Upperthong Cricket Club awards night : Sam Briggs is presented with the first “Huw Thatcher Pride and Passion Shield”

The Upperthong Cricket Club Huw Thatcher Pride and Passion Shield was presented for the first time on 25th September – the award was deservedly made to Sam Briggs.  Maybe Huw was looking on as one of his oldest and best friends took this award with pride.

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Hepworth’s Number 2 will be a part of Holmfirth High School forever ♥

Nick, Jenny and Carys have had a Hepworth United number 2 shirt with photos and a pen- picture framed and it has been on the wall in the Sports Hall corridor – at the top of the stairs.  The shirt (pictured) is in a case  so is 3D instead of a flat shirt; Huw will always be a part of Holmfirth High School.  He will be there in people´s hearts and with his shirt ♥

With many thanks to the school.

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