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The best mate I ever had, 7 years on and forever

I love these pictures – me with my father when I was 6 and Huw with me when he was 6.  Special memories of Huw, my best friend ever and the best son and brother we could ever have wished for. Read more »


We shared him in different ways. Now we miss him in different ways. We’ll never forget him in any way

And another lovely one from Aug 20102 years ago Huw was looking forward to exciting years – completing his GCSEs and starting college, getting a job, having a girlfriend, meeting new friends, and having fun with existing ones.  He had such a deep voice (remember him in 2010 and 2011?)  And sometimes he would nearly wet himself laughing about something – he would laugh with Carys about silly things.  Always a hug for his Mum and Sister, and the girls at school, and sometimes even one for his Dad. Read more »


The best and most beautiful things are felt in the heart

None of us ever wanted to have to remember Huw if you know what I mean, but as we do, then tonight was the best way I could imagine to do it – with Huw’s friends and letting off flashing balloons into the calm night sky.

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Here are some lovely photos of Huw enjoying himself over the years ♥ ♥ ♥

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Huw Thatcher: a shining light forever. Memories of Huw Thatcher: the boy with the beautiful smile, by Nick Thatcher

Nick has written a book of memories and colour photos about Huw – it is now available to buy with any surplus from sales going to the Huw Thatcher Trust.

The cost is £8 but Nick wrote it to share lovely memories about Huw not really to raise funds – sorry about the price but they were quite a lot to get printed due to the relatively small numbers.

If anyone would like a copy please let Nick know either from Contact Us on this website or any other way.  It can be posted if you want too.

Thank you for the lovely memories Huw – and everyone else who share them ♥♥♥

The Contents and Preface are shown below. Read more »


Where are you Huw, you beautiful boy? ♥ ♥ ♥

Where are you?

Where are you Huw, you beautiful boy?

You shouldn’t be resting in peace,

Too much to do, and far too young,

What is the reason for this?


If you are here Huw around us now,

I hope at least you’re safe,

Maybe there’s a heaven, angels, a God,

They will care for your soul.


Where are you Huw, you beautiful boy?

I’ll trust them with you for now,

But one day in time, I’ll do what I did,

And look after our boy again.

December 2011


A year later the memories are as clear as they have ever been; the love is just as strong ♥ ♥ ♥

As 13th March approaches, here are some reflections, and an update on the Huw Thatcher Trust. (Pictured Huw with friends in April 2010.)

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Huw Thatcher: a Bluebird flying in the sky, a Bluebird in our hearts: Wembley, 26th February 2012

Nick and Carys had a day to remember at Wembley on Sunday 26th February with Rod and Greg Young as Cardiff City put in one of the great ‘under-dog’ performances in a Wembley cup final – taking Liverpool to penalties in the League Cup final.

There were treasured days to remember with Huw at Wembley in the past and at scores of other city matches.

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Memories: I never failed to think when you were around, you were class in every way

Here are some lovely memories and comments from Huw’s friends and their families.  And this is an image of a picture that Charlotte Travis drew last year.  Thank you for letting us put these lovely words from such good friends on Huw’s web site.  Read more »


A memory frpm Emily Perrons: ‘you would make everyone feel special and somehow lift us all up when we were down’

Emily and Grace Perrons were great play mates with Huw and Carys from the age of 5 upwards; they had a lot of fun together when they were young children.  Here are some lovely memories from Emily – thank you Emily for your permission to put this on Huw’s web site.

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