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A busy few weeks: schools visited, funds raised and most importantly, Huw remembered

img388I write this update listening to a radio debate about the British Lions side that will take the field against Australia on 22nd June.  I imagine the discussion with Huw about the 15 Welsh players in the squad and his happy recollections of meeting the Welsh rugby squad in 2010.  It was the one sport I knew as much about as Huw – when it came to anything else he knew more of the players, clubs and results.  Here is a page from a Wales match programme Huw had signed by the players in 2010.

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Another tribute our beautiful young guy who was loved by everybody and will be forgotten by nobody ♥♥♥

Huw Thatcher Giggs signed shirt Every time I start to write one of these updates I think what on earth am I going to say this month?  Every time I finish it I think wow, there was so much to say this month!  May is just the same and I’ll start with a quick catch up on fund raising activities because the amount of money we have raised has now reached nearly £75,000!

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The opening of Chalkdown House – the most important things can in some way last forever

100_0424Today I was at the opening of a new hospital for brain injured people at Swindon, which has benefited from funds from the Huw Thatcher Trust – for the IT suite, physiotherapy equipment, kitchen equipment and the garden.  It was opened by Princess Anne, with Gabby Logan also there and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to them both.  As I was talking to them about Huw and the Trust, I looked up at Huw’s beautiful eyes shining down from his picture in the ‘Huw Thatcher IT Suite’ and I thought ‘forever mate………………….the most important things can in some way, last forever’.

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Mixed emotions as Cardiff City are promoted – with Huw as always, in our hearts ♥♥♥

055 (2)When Huw was born Cardiff City were in the bottom Division – finishing 90th out of 92 league teams.  I took Huw to his first Cardiff City match at home to Crewe when he was 5 and his first away game at Rotherham in August 2003.

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Lovey tributes to Huw and news this month ♥♥♥

37228_1382282235714_1191713674_30916710_490692_nWe have some interesting news this month about how the Huw Trust money is being spent – and some further tributes to Huw – keeping his memory with us and emphasising how much he meant to his family and friends.

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Three years ago at Easter Huw was having a happy time with his friends & family – now we respect & rememeber him & will never stop doing that

Coming back from Spain 2Three years ago at Easter, Huw was having a happy time with his friends and family – and looking forward to a break with Jenny and Carys in Spain and then a great time with his friends around and about Holmfirth – in what was a warm April.

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More good things this month just like so many over the last 2 years to respect an old friend, son and brother ♥♥♥

Last neilly race 2Some timely reflections over the last few weeks, more positive things by some great people and some further fund raising.  But I thought it would be nice to start with this photo of 11 year old Huw in 2007 running in his final ‘Neilly’ race – something he enjoyed with all his friends for 3 consecutive years.  One of Huw’s friends came across this picture earlier in the month – thank you.

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There’s a name missing from where it should be – but the love and dedication will always be there ♥♥♥

190x205mm square@300dpi - BWith apologies for the slight delay since the last update – but things have been busy with the Trust as well as with other aspects of life – it’s certainly not due in any way to a lack of things to report on.

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Annual Reports available for the Huw Thatcher Trust here – for 2011 and 2012

Annual report 2012 cover We are delighted to be able to share an annual report of all the Trust’s activities and expenditure from 2012.  You can download a PDF copy of the 2012 report at this link –  Annual Report 2012.

And if you are interested we have a similar report from 2011 too.  You can download a PDF copy of the 2011 report here –  Annual Report 2011.

Please feel free to share these with anybody you would like, and we hope you find them a good read and enjoy the pictures.

The Trust is a wonderful tribute to our beautiful boy ♥♥♥.  Thank you for supporting the Huw Thatcher Trust.

You can join the Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook Group here.


15 blue stars as we remember the brightest star of all ♥♥♥

100_0350Christmas love and good wishes for every one of Huw’s friends and family members – and everyone who has supported the Huw Thatcher Trust.  And here are 15 blue stars as we remember the brightest star of all.  The star that burned bright for 15 ½ years and will always shine above us. Read more »