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Running, karate, continued fund raising & more of the never ending, lovely memories of Huw ♥♥♥

From Uncle RobAs we move into winter, there’s still plenty to report from the Huw Thatcher Trust, and it seems to me that there will continue to be a lot to say about how so many people want to remember Huw and support brain injured people. In the last month, the total raised by the Trust has reached nearly £70,000 and will pass that total when the karate charity challenge has taken place on 16th December.

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Recent reflections about Huw and an update from the opening of Osman House

Some recent reflections about Huw and an update from the opening of BIRT’s new facility – Osman House – along with news on fund raising as the Trust total soars past £69,000.

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An update from October – it hasn’t changed at all – we still think of Huw just the same as we did last year

I start this month’s update with this picture from Huw’s 2010-11 football registration card.  He was coming up to his 15th birthday when he got this done – in August 2010.

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So many memories this August and September – and other nice things to tell you about

This time of year is important for lots of people as they start new years at school, college or uni – or get back to work after their summer hols.  It is a time of year when there can be lots of changes and is therefore a time where there are lots of lovely memories of Huw as well as the sadness that he is not experiencing those new and exciting things that he should be.  To start with here are two lovely photos from Huw as a 15 year old at school that 2 of his friends put on Facebook for us a year ago.

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So much to tell everyone – I have to do the August update early

It should be time to do another update at the end of August, but it has been busy since 23rd July – and there is a lot to tell everyone.  There have been lovely things to remember Huw and since July a further £2,000 added to the fundraising total which thanks to all of you, now stands at £64,000.  Here’s a picture of Huw at ‘Little Wembley’ Holmfirth in the summer 2 years ago. Read more »


An update from July that saw so much dedication and kindness, lots of memories of Huw and a lot of fun ♥ ♥ ♥

Here is a picture of Huw from summer two years ago to start this message about what has been happening to remember Huw this summer.  It is a lovely picture of a happy and handsome Huw, a few months before his 15th birthday.

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An update from June: a month that has seen so much happening and lots of preparation for a busy July

There’s a heck of a lot going on regarding the Trust at the moment – planning for events in July and a lot has happened during June – positive things involving family and the community – as well as ongoing pride – and the inevitable regret over a year later.  Here is a picture of Huw as a young boy in the early days a Holmfirth High.  Read more »


An update from May 2012 – a time when Huw’s friends are moving on to another stage of their lives

Here is an update about what has been happening regarding the Trust during May – the month when Huw’s friends had their last normal day at school and when his Hepworth team mates had their last end of season evening as a junior team. Read more »


An update on what’s been happening recently – to remember the boy who deserved so much more

Here is an update on things that have happened regarding the Trust recently, and some reflections about Huw and the times a year ago.

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Not moving on, but carrying on – and taking Huw along with us

Thank you to everyone who was so kind in March – well over the last year or so actually.  We know that a lot of people got some comfort from giving or receiving flowers, playing football or seeing the lovely messages over the last week.  We also know a number of people were very upset at certain times around 13th March.

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