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Huw’s friends do presentations about the Huw Thatcher Trust at school

Following the successful non uniform day at Holmfirth High School in November Huw’s friends have been doing presentations at year 7, 8 and 9 assemblies.  And here’s one of my favourite photos – 14 year old Huw and his lovely friends having an amazing time in April 2010.

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Just when things might have got a bit quieter, it all got busier

I just read the title for this post again and it reminded me of Huw – it was always busy when Huw was around so it feels just right that the Huw Thatcher Trust is just the same :)

On 13th September, Huw’s Trust had raised £31,000.  Three months later the total was well over £43,000; here are some highlights from those 3 months.

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Huw and Carys have won a ‘Yorkshire Children of Courage and Achievement’ award ♥

Huw and Carys were jointly awarded with the joint fundraiser and sports award at the ‘Yorkshire Children of Courage and Achievement Awards’ dinner at Harrogate on Thursday 28th October.  Sam Bellas and Heather Smith were presented with the award as Carys was on school sports trip in Barcelona.  Heather and Sam said they were ‘honoured’ to receive the award on behalf of Huw and Carys at a positive yet emotional evening.

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Look at the stars, look how they shine for you!

A few bits and pieces of news  from a few weekends ago: some memories, some nice things that happened and some lovely ways of remembering Huw and fund raising for his trust.

A friend (Paula Moss) sent me this photo – she saw the writing when she was cycling in Italy at the same time as Gabz’s bike event recently – and she thought of Huw and the cycling at Farnley Tyas.  Read more »


The beautiful boy who’s life we were all lucky enough to share, made people smile for 15 & a half years; & he’s still making us smile & inspiring us

In a week when the summer holidays have finished, schools have gone back and when the under 16 football season is about to start, there’s been a lot of news about Huw’s Trust.  News of heart warming acts along with generous and unexpected donations.  A week when so many of us have missed Huw so much, has also seen some positives.  Life can be like a weird mirror – the worst things can happen but some of the kindest things can be reflected back.

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Bottle of whisky signed by the Prime Minister & news of lovely things to remember Huw ♥

There have been a number of interesting things this week, that show how much what happened to Huw has touched people – and are a real boost to his Trust.  One of the most eye catching is the donation of a bottle of House of Commons whisky, signed by David Cameron, but a lot more has happened this week too.

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In 3 months Huw’s Trust has raised £24,000; we have all done some truly amazing things to pay tribute to a beautiful young guy

In the 3 months since Huw’s Trust was set up, we have all raised £24,000 in tribute to Huw.  In the course of the wonderful events that have contributed to this fantastic total, new friendships have been made, existing friendships have become more important, and parts of the local community have been strengthened.  All of these things were at the heart of what Huw held dear.  A better tribute to a beautiful boy could not have been paid. 

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The Huw Thatcher Trust : helping the ‘eyes alight’ for brain injured people

Back in March, we were all devasted and shocked about what happened to Huw.  Today we are still devastated but are all working together to remember Huw in a positive way.  Today, less than 10 weeks after the Trust was set up, Nick and Jenny met with Judith from the national Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) charity to agree how the first £10,000 from Huw’s Trust was going to be used.  It’s going to be used to help the ‘eyes alight’ for 35 to 40 brain injured people – in Yorkshire and the North.

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Trust fund update, more positive news

So many positive things are happening.  Most days there is some news and today has been no different 🙂  Huw’s Trust was given a donation of £1300 today.  This was an incredibly kind donation from Upperthong Tigers – who are (or I should say were) the Under 16 team for Upperthong Football Club in 2009-10.  This group were together for many years up to 2010, and they stopped at a team when they were 16 last year.

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Huw’s exam results

We don’t normally go on about exam results but in this case we wanted to say something about Huw’s GCSE results from the exams he took at the beginning of March. 

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