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Huw Thatcher: always a big brother to Carys as she starts a new stage of her life in Manchester – he would be so proud of her

Replacement13Last weekend was a big moment for our family, as we took Carys off to Manchester to start there at uni. I couldn’t be prouder of Huw and everything about him. I am just as proud of Carys; despite the life changing events of the last 4 ½ years, she has done very well at school, with her sport, and with all parts of her life.

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Taking Huw with us as 22 people give it everything and raise £2,000 on epic 3 peaks adventure

Snowdon 2I’m not going to mention any individual feats from our UK 3 peaks trip because there were 22 heroes from the time they got up at 3.00am on Saturday morning to the time they hit their beds nearly 48 hours ago and here are 3 climbers who were with Huw on 13th March 2011 – taking Huw with them to the roof of Wales. Read more »


Stan Wilson-Hughes is presented with the fifth Spirit of Huw Thatcher award in memory of a young man with the left foot of a god

100_0682I presented the Spirit of Huw Thatcher award to Stan Wilson-Hughes on 17th July 2015 – just opposite Little Wembley where Huw had some of his happiest times. Congratulations to Stan who is the fifth holder of the award, and part of a grand group of lads the current 15 year olds’ team.

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Moving house: another chapter in our lives but Huw is in every chapter with us

We are moving from Spring Lane after 9 plus years on 19th April – it has been a lovely home and is where me, Huw and Carys had some great times. img423 Read more »


Day dreaming about 19 year old Huw four years later – in March 2015

197920_1684183743063_1191713674_31513184_785558_nAs far as I know, this is the last photo of Huw – taken on Friday 4th March 2011 at Ella’s surprise fancy dress 15th birthday party, dressed as a cowboy. At the party he didn’t have an alcoholic drink (which was agreed beforehand as a result of what had happened at the last party he went to hahaha.) Huw gave Ella a box of Heroes chocolates for her birthday and had a great night. Just before I picked him up at midnight he jumped out in front of a friend’s stationary car to surprise the driver…… the Cowboy’s outfit……apparently it had the desired effect.

What would he be doing 4 years later? This is what I day dream about Huw these days. Read more »


On Huw’s 19th birthday. £100,000 to help brain injured people and to respect a beautiful young guy. Remembering Huw every day.

76994_179436145405348_100000168908134_695121_3116704_nOn Huw’s 19th birthday I’m proud to say that the Huw Thatcher Trust has now raised £100,000. I didn’t imagine that in March and April 3 ½ years ago when Huw’s family and friends asked if they could bake cakes, run, and play footie and the Mums and Dads asked if they could cycle Coast to Coast. Read more »


Fund raising and general up date – I hope Huw is somewhere where he can see how much he is loved and remembered.

Boot and Shoe 2It means a lot that over the last few months, even as many of Huw’s friends have moved on to Uni and so on, that there is so much to say about recent things that have been going on to remember him. Read more »


Summer update: forever proud of the young guy who four years ago was living his live and dreaming his dreams

IMG_5182aAs I reflect on the summer of 2014, it is another reminder of how much each specific time of the year leads me to think about Huw – recently it has been about what Huw did in past summers (especially his last one in 2010), and what he would be doing this summer.  I think it will always be like this, which is fine by me because along with being a parent to Carys, reflecting about Huw’s life is the most important thing to me.

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Bluebirds overcome Tekkerslovakia and Oldmen Pathetic in an eventful 5 a side competition

photo 6Saturday 12th July saw the 4th (and probably final) Huw Thatcher 5 a side football tournament, with 140 players taking part and raising over £800. These events have been a great tribute to Huw and also to the endeavours of his friends, and lots of other young people in Holmfirth. Read on to find out how the day unfolded and exactly who were ‘Oldmen Pathetic’?

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As the summer of sport gets under way, we are as lucky to have the memories of our beautiful boy as he is unlucky not to be having the summer of his life right now

Lovely close up from Aug 2011I write this article in the first half of the first world cup game on 12th June. Whenever there is something exciting or different going on, I find myself feeling particularly close to Huw and the sense of him not being here is particularly strong.  Having said that I couldn’t really feel any closer to him or miss him any more than I do on a boring Tuesday afternoon!  But as the summer of sport gets under way, in particular the world cup, every iconic moment that is created this summer, is another moment of regret that Huw isn’t here to experience it with us.  Here is a beautiful picture of Huw taken just after the last world cup in summer 2010 – the last summer that Huw was with us.

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