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As the summer of sport gets under way, we are as lucky to have the memories of our beautiful boy as he is unlucky not to be having the summer of his life right now

Lovely close up from Aug 2011I write this article in the first half of the first world cup game on 12th June. Whenever there is something exciting or different going on, I find myself feeling particularly close to Huw and the sense of him not being here is particularly strong.  Having said that I couldn’t really feel any closer to him or miss him any more than I do on a boring Tuesday afternoon!  But as the summer of sport gets under way, in particular the world cup, every iconic moment that is created this summer, is another moment of regret that Huw isn’t here to experience it with us.  Here is a beautiful picture of Huw taken just after the last world cup in summer 2010 – the last summer that Huw was with us.

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Detailed route and maps

19forHuw route maps – nearly 1000 miles and 19 football grounds

Click on each route below for a map. 

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3 years on there is so much to say; about Huw’s big heart and about everything happening to remember and respect him xxx

At Ella Marshall's party on 4-3-11 From Lucy EllisThere’s a lot to say in this update – most significantly reflections about Huw as it is nearly 3 years since we so sadly had to say good bye to him.  But there’s also lots of important news about fund raising, and use of the funds.

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An emotional end to the year at Liverpool: you’ll never walk alone Huw ♥

Photo0271In this last update of 2013 there’s news of further busy times and fundraising – and an emotional day at Anfield to see Cardiff play Liverpool. Read more »


The Huw Trust wins the Lloyds-TSB Community Fund vote and a birthday promise is kept : never giving up on you Huw

100_0621There are two pieces of heartening and inspiring news this week – the results of the Lloyds-TSB Community Fund charity vote, and a further half marathon run I completed at Bedford earlier today.

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With love to Huw on his 18th birthday; trying to taking some control when things feel so far beyond control

100_0579 - 2The date of what should be Huw’s 18th birthday is 25th November 2013.  It is a particularly poignant and sad time – Huw should be ‘officially’ entering adulthood and looking forward to the challenges and excitment of the future.  This post tells you about a run a group of us did on the day before Huw’s birthday.  It’s a way of showing our love for Huw and also a way of taking control at a time when things feel far beyond control.

There’s a link at the end of this post to a video of Huw photos with some music.

Here’s a picture of 9 of us at the Conway half marathon on Sunday 24th November.

110And a picture of Huw’s Aunty Fran, running the Cardiff 10k on 17th November – raising some funds for the Trust, but mainly because she wanted to run for Huw.  Well done Fran after your recent injuries.  The Movember moustache is a temporary addition courtesty of her make-up by the way!

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Running for Huw, cycling for Huw, walking for Huw………anything for Huw

100_0562The autumn has seen more positive times for the Huw Trust – the spirit of the summer continuing despite the return to school, college, and work after the holidays.  Fund raising events completed by Will and Sam, and preparations for the half marathon in November, are some of the things to tell you about in this update.  And the spirit of the summer was very much in evidence in September as my ‘Shine On’ rose (planted on Huw’s birthday last year) flowered for the second time this year.

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Reflections as Ben Earnshaw is presented with the 3rd Huw Thatcher Pride and Passion cricket shield

100_0571As Ben Earnshaw was presented with the 3rd Huw Thatcher Pride and Passion cricket shield on Friday 11th October I was left with plenty of reflections …………….

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Spending update: ‘We can’t thank the Huw Thatcher Trust enough for making Eyes Alight’

2010_03140030I am so pleased that as of end September 2013 the Huw Thatcher Trust has raised an amazing £85,442. That’s the result of so many people’s efforts over the last 2 1/2 years, and is a wonderful (and growing) tribute to Huw.  I want to update everybody on how the funds are being used.  And at the end of this message, I’ll tell you about this lovely picture of Huw I recently found. Read more »


Is he really up there? Of course he is, where else could he be?

DSCF7288At the start of this update I recall a conversation I had recently with somebody I really respect.  In the conversation I made a comment about how much I hope Huw really is up there.  This guy just said ‘of course he’s up there, where else could he be?’ As if to say ‘well he’s got to be somewhere so it must be there’!  I still don’t know what to think or believe but it was a nice comment, full of conviction, and it made me smile.

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