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 The Huw Thatcher Trust

The Huw Thatcher Trust was set up to remember Huw in a positive way, and to help brain injured people.  We want the Trust to be like Huw; fun, kind, inspirational and creative.

Huw passed away at the age of 15 years and 4 months on March 13th 2011.  He was playing in a football match for Hepworth United near his home town of Holmfirth.  Huw had a brain haemorrhage as a result of a pre existing condition that no one knew about, or could ever have known about.  People who suffer brain haemorrhages and survive, often experience brain injury and subsequent disabilities.

The Huw Thatcher Trust supports a national charity for brain injured people called the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT).  BIRT is a Division of a larger registered charity called the Disabilities Trust.

BIRT helps people regain the skills lost as a result of brain injury – whether caused by medical reasons, road accident, assault, or some other form of injury such as from the armed forces.

The Huw Thatcher Trust is a fund within BIRT.  The money raised is paid into this fund and the Thatcher family and BIRT jointly agree how the money will be spent.  This arrangement gives the benefits of a registered charity but avoids the administrative burden and costs.

While BIRT is able to offer all the necessary facilities for fantastic brain injury services, there are always additional things that can be purchased which will enhance the lives of those who are in the process of rehabilitation.   The Huw Thatcher Trust has helped BIRT provide things like specialist physiotherapy equipment and facilities for IT, gardens and kitchens.

Irene Sobowale the Chief Executive says : ‘The funds raised by Huw’s Trust are enabling us to go the extra mile, by funding things we couldn’t normally provide. Your help enables us to provide facilities which are making a real difference to people’s lives’.

By the end of 2018, the Trust had raised over £118,000, and Irene said:

“I am delighted that The Huw Thatcher Trust has now raised an amazing £118,000, which includes £112,000 for BIRT. This is a wonderful achievement, for which we are very grateful and I would like to thank Huw’s friends and family for their commitment to supporting BIRT. Huw was clearly a young man who was much loved and we are privileged that his memory lives on at so many of our centres”.

Contributions can be made via the Just Giving site and will be credited to the Huw Thatcher Trust account within BIRT.  Contributions can also be made by cheque payable to ‘Disabilities Trust’ or ‘The Huw Thatcher Trust’ and forwarded to Nick Thatcher.

£10,000 from Huw’s Trust has been allocated to BIRT’s ‘Eyes Alight’ appeal to buy gifts / special days out for brain injured people, and IT facilities have been funded at Daniel Yorath House in Leeds.  Further funds from Huw’s Trust are being used to provide facilities at residential facilities in Bradford, York, East Yorkshire, Swindon and Llanelli – you can read more about how the funds are being used here.

HCA_Winner_LogoThe Trust is a most appropriate way to remember our wonderful young guy and various awards have been made to respect and remember Huw.  These include an award in the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards in 2011, and the Huddersfield Examiner Charity of the Year Award in 2013.

100_0621A further achievement was winning a vote in the Lloyds-TSB Community Awards and along with that a £3,000 donation.

There is a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page – just go to the link and ask to be a member of the Facebook Group if you want to.

Total so far inc gift aid, minus Just Giving costs: £118,800

The Huw Thatcher Trust: remembering Huw and fundraising on behalf of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, part of the Disabilities Trust registered charity no. 800797

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