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About Huw

By Mum, Dad and Carys.

Huw entered this world full of enthusiasm and life and four weeks early on November 25th 1995,  eager to get things started with his life.  He brought tremendous joy every day, and grew from being an energetic toddler to a fine young man and inspiration.

When Huw was around, everyone knew about it.  His larger than life character, playfulness, antics, talents and sensitivity were expressed to the full.  Huw loved freedom.  He always had time to talk to people, and develop his friendships with so many that he treasured.  Huw was always happy to make new friends – adults, young people and little children.  He loved every single person in his family with a full heart.

Although sport dominated his life, he also loved music, art, being a comedian, a friend and would always look to help others that needed help.  Everyone who knew Huw saw different things because of his variety of interests, talents, and curiosity about the world and he would only ever want the droplets of goodness he has touched people with to continue and flourish.

As a family our love for him is enormous, ever the entertainer… though at the same time, perceptive, sensitive, emotionally intelligent and a great friend as well as being a son and a brother.  We were so proud he was doing well at school and getting good results, but mostly we were proud for him being true to himself and honest.

When Huw was born, his Mum’s first thoughts were “I knew it was you”.  To her, Huw was and still is her big lovable brown bear who had her in the palm of his hands, her rock, her inspiration, her wise perceptive friend, her sincere, gentle giant.  Often they would chat about the important things in life, “the bigger picture” and she is proud of the close bond that grew between them, sharing jokes, the twinkles between their eyes and mutual guidance and strong love for each other.  They often talked about how they could just “read each others minds”. She always talked to him about following his dreams, being true to himself and listening to his inner self.  Huw loved being taller than his mum and would often laugh and tease about “cute little mummy” and then hold her tight in his bring strong, safe & warm embrace.  She would have to go on tip toes to kiss her big boy, and at times, be asked nicely to stop, or not, on some occasions 🙂

To his Dad, he was and still is a son and a best mate.  There was a mutual respect and understanding of their different strengths.  They talked about their strengths and frailties and admired each other for it.  Nick admired Huw’s sporting talent, his easy manner with friends, his creativity, his sensitivity and his popularity.  Huw admired that Nick could “sort anything out” and Huw knew his Dad was helping him learn what is good and right.  They loved each other; they both knew it and they often said it to each other.  One of Huw’s proudest moments was when he hit 6 feet and overtook his Dad – and weighing in at 2lb heavier on top!

And to Carys he was her big protective brother and friend, they were so close. He would often throw her around and carry her; he was so strong and tall. They talked about so many things and had such meaningful conversations. They understood each other so much. They had so many personal jokes together and they would get up to lots of mischief together, especially when they were younger. In car journeys they would be so loud and have little arguments about who’s got the most room!  She has so many amazing memories of him which she will treasure forever.

Reading Extract from “The Celebration of Huw’s life”, 25th March 2011, conducted by: Rev J. Sean Robertshaw, Team Rector, Upper Holme Valley Team.


There is a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page – ask to be a member of the Facebook Group here if you want to.


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