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19forHuw : Home page

This is the home page of 19forHuw

19forHuw was an exciting cycling event that took place in July 2014. It involved cycling nearly 1000 miles in 9 days, visiting the 19 football grounds that Huw and Nick went to (often with Carys as well) to watch Cardiff City play football.

   The story of 19forHuw

   Detailed route and maps

   Here is a video about 19forHuw – turn up the volume!

   There is a Justgiving page here for sponsorship; you can still sponsor us.

   Please follow 19forHuw on Twitter here.

    Or you can text HUWT95 then a space and the amount to 70070 e.g. HUWT95 £5 


Annual reports

We are delighted to share an annual report of all the Trust’s activities and expenditure for each of the four years of the Trust to date.

The Trust is a wonderful tribute to our beautiful boy ♥♥♥.  Thank you for supporting the Huw Thatcher Trust.

You can join the Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook Group here.

Find your way around

We hope that you find this web site a peaceful and inspiring place to visit.

  • Use the black and white menu right at the top of the page to find out more about Huw and the Huw Thatcher Trust, or to get involved – just Contact Us and we’ll be delighted to hear from you
  • Use the blue and white menu to view the gallery, trust & family messages, memorials, personal memories, previous activities and new activities – when you get to the bottom of each of these sections remember to click on “older entries”
  • There is a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page – ask to be a member of the Facebook Group here if you want to.

Recent Articles


How to make a donation and running total (now £118,000)

Thank you to everyone who has made generous donations to remember Huw in a positive way – the funds are now being used to help brain injured people.  Every donation means a lot because it represents a sacrifice of what people could have spent it on instead. We apologise for not listing all donations, but the number has been so high it is impossible to keep a track of each individual one! You can make a contribution by sponsoring or supporting an existing event, doing something yourself, or by making a donation on our Justgiving page.  Your donation will go straight into the Huw Thatcher Trust. If you prefer to make a donation by cheque please make your cheque payable to “Disabilities Trust” and send it to:  The Disabilities Trust, 32 Market Place, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9NP. Please write Huw Thatcher Trust on the back of the cheque and mention in any covering note that it is for The Huw Thatcher Trust. There’s a Huw Thatcher Trust Facebook page; ask to be a member of the Group here if you want to.

Total so far inc gift aid, minus Just Giving costs:£118,000


With so much love to you Huw on your birthday, when you should be making your way in life as a 22-year old xxx

So here we are on Huw’s 22nd birthday. Still missing our beautiful boy so much, still disbelieving of what happened, and disbelieving it was as long as 6 ½ years ago. It’s heart-breaking that Huw should be the tall, dark, handsome, engaging and happy young man he was as a 15 year old – and that we should all be loving him and seeing him making his way as a 22 year old in adult life alongside his sister. These are the very sad things about Huw’s birthday. Read more »


Where’s the Bear? Nick Greenwood cycling in memory of Huw xxx

We had a nice surprise recently in the form of a cheque for over £800 from the Kier Foundation, as part of the proceeds from their ‘where’s the bear campaign’.  Nick Greenwood a friend of mine and Huw’s from football days took part in a leg of his employer’s challenge to travel 1,000 miles across Kier’s UK sites, transporting a mascot bear along the way and using only non-conventional, non-motorised transport!

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Six years after we started the Trust: over £110,000 to help brain injured people and to respect a perfect young guy.

New1Six years after we started the Huw Thatcher Trust I am proud to say we have now raised over £110,000. I didn’t imagine we would get this far 6 years ago, when Huw’s family and friends asked if they could bake cakes, run, play footie and cycle for Huw. Read more »


6 years later forgotten by no one, and loved by everyone: running for Huw’s and a touching message from Huw’s Granny

Six years later Huw, you are forgotten by no one, and loved by everyone: including at this time by 2 of your friends and by your Granny who passed away recently.

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On your 21st birthday Huw; we will keep you safe xxx

Huw's 20th birthdayThe music from the link at the end of this writing is ‘I’ll keep you safe’. I don’t know if it’s the image of the ‘Nationwide’ advert and the lost scarf being handed down from father to son? Or if it’s the words ‘I’ll keep you safe’ – or the beautiful music itself? But as someone else has said before, to me ‘this song speaks of nothing but love and reassurance’ and this is even more true on Huw’s 21st birthday – 25th November 2016.

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Carys completed the Manchester Half Marathon on 16th October in memory of her beautiful brother xx

may-2011-254Carys ran for her brother in Manchester on 16th October – just Carys – to remember Huw in a way she wanted to.  He would be very proud of her as his 21st birthday approaches.

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Euan Casey completes the Manchester marathon, raising over £700 and other news

8Euan Casey (Carys’s boyfriend and in school with Huw and Carys) completed the Manchester marathon on 10th April – raising over £700 and completing it in 3 hrs 55 mins – finishing a marathon in under 4 hours is a fantastic achievement. Read more »


A day we might want to forget but a boy we definitely want to remember xxx

On Sunday 13th March 2011, Huw got up, had breakfast, told his mum and sister he loved them, and went off to football with his Dad.

Huw was hilarious that day at Brighouse from the point when we arrived and met two of the other lads in the car park before the match, and at half time messing about with the others. He was a 15 year old boy but played like a man in that match – in typical dominating form against the best team in the league.

He was doing well at school and in an exciting stage of his life. He planned to get a Saturday job, felt he was ready for a girlfriend, wanted to go to Greenhead College, and planned to go to Uni. He was tall, strong, handsome, smart, healthy, risky, funny, and considerate; a mixture that made him one of the most popular guys around.

Sunday 13th March 2011, is still and will remain a truly tragic day …… just thinking back to how and who Huw was.  It’s too sad.  Thoughts and love to everyone who loved our perfect boy, especially his contemporaries who spent their days and holidays with Huw – his doting sister, his cousins who he loved so much, and his incredible friends especially those from Holmfirth High School’s year 10 of 2011 – happy days with the best young people ever.

Sunday 13th March 2011 is a day we might want to forget – but can’t.

Huw Nicholas Thatcher is a boy we want to remember – and always will.

Five years is nothing Huw. Mum, Dad and Carys love you more than anyone can know xxx

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Remembering Huw as a very much loved teenager on his 20th birthday

On Huw’s 20th birthday there are some reflections as well as some positive news about the Huw Thatcher Trust.


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