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June 6, 2011

Trust fund update, more positive news

by huw15

So many positive things are happening.  Most days there is some news and today has been no different 🙂  Huw’s Trust was given a donation of £1300 today.  This was an incredibly kind donation from Upperthong Tigers – who are (or I should say were) the Under 16 team for Upperthong Football Club in 2009-10.  This group were together for many years up to 2010, and they stopped at a team when they were 16 last year.

The team had £1300 in club funds and were wondering what to do with the funds – they considered a night out or donating the funds to various charities.  When they heard about Huw and his Trust, they immediately decided there was only one thing they wanted to do with the funds.  This is another touching act of generosity and once again reflects the impact that Huw had in our community.  Mark Collier was Chair of the parents’ committee for Upperthong Tigers, Helen Collier was Treasurer and their younger son Tom played in the team.  Their older son Ben was Huw’s “buddy” when Huw started at Upperthong Junior School in Reception – Ben was then in year 6.  So Ben knew Huw, and the Colliers lived in Upperthong for many years.   As usual in Holmfirth there is a web of connections; Russell Kaye the coach at Upperthong Tigers refereed a number of Huw’s Hepworth matches last season and Huw played under 17 cricket with his son Max.  There will be other players and parents who knew Huw as well. 

Like Huw and his family, the Colliers and Kayes have been part of the community in Holmfirth for many years and the families shared the same involvement in the school, the community and local amenities such as Sands.  Thank you so much to the Upperthong Tigers – this donation will make a big difference.  In fact Nick and Jenny are going to meet someone from the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust this Friday to talk about how the first £10,000 that Huw’s Trust has raised will be spent.  The needs of brain injured people in Yorkshire and of Daniel Yorath House will be very much in their thoughts.  The funds have been raised with dedication, love and creativity by so many people so Nick and Jenny will feed back via the web site on that meeting and on how the funds will be used. 

Regarding the £1300 from the Upperthong Tigers, we are including £500 of that in the trust total straight away, but we are going to hold back the remainder to fund some of the lovely things that are being done to remember Huw.  For example there will be a bench and 2 big flower tubs put at Sands in the summer.  The families of Huw’s friends in Upperthong are funding the bench, but some of the Upperthong Tigers money will be used to fund the tubs.  The Upperthong Tigers money will also pay for 4 giant banners that are being produced – showing lovely pictures of Huw for big events such as the Picturedrome Concert and the five a side tournament etc.  When all of this is done the remaining Upperthong Tigers money will be added to the total for brain injured people – and of course we’ll tell everyone about the flower tubs, banners and other things when they are purchased over the next few months.

Thank you to the Upperthong Tigers and to everyone else who is doing so much to remember Huw in a positive way and help brain injured people.  Huw would be honoured to know how much he is missed and loved.  And to know about all the amazing things people are doing in his memory. 

Huw, everyone loves you so much big guy ❤  x x

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